Terms and conditions

At Gecko Create we always endeavour to offer the best possible service and as such all of our quotes are offered free of charge.

Upon completion, if a piece of copy or translation work doesn’t meet customer satisfaction we will offer edits at no extra charge. We do not, however, offer unlimited rewrites, or complete rewrites due to a change of heart, unusual weather patterns, re-alignment of the stars, etc.

Additional Work
Gecko Create reserves the right to implement extra charges in certain circumstances where additional work is required. These include

• Changes – We will offer changes that affect up to 25% of the copy as part of your agreed upon fee. Anything that is over this 25% or that completely changes the tone/voice/angle of the text may incur additional charges.

• Bulk Sourcing of images – We will source royalty free images if needed, but please be reasonable. If you require an unusually high number of images, we’ll just start charging you.

Unused Material
If you decide not to use our completed work, we will offer no refunds. You ordered it, so it’s kind of polite to pay for it.

We usually charge per word for any general non specialist content and translation work. If, however the work involves extensive research like for example, managing hedge funds, then we may charge an hourly rate. A deposit of 50% is required for any project or if you want to use us on an ongoing basis then feel free to use our content subscription plan.

If a proposed date for completion of work is agreed upon, then it is safe to assume that you will get your work on that date and no later. If there are additional requests from you, the client, after the work is started, the date of completion may also be delayed. If you need something done quickly, then we will do our best to help but if it is too rushed it may affect the quality of the finished work.

Upon completion of the project Gecko Create will issue an invoice for the remainder of the agreed upon amount. There will be no extra charges unless agreed to. Terms of payment are 10 days from the date of invoice but it would be nice to get it earlier. Payments can be made through Paypal or by wire transfer to our foreign currency account. These options will be listed on your invoice.

Copyright of all work produced by Gecko Create will be yours upon receipt of payment in full. You are responsible if any issues arise due to any third party referred to within the content by us at your request. Plagiarism is a dirty word at Gecko Create so you can rest assured that every piece of our work infringes no copyrights.

Gecko Create will always try its best to maintain the highest standards possible. We do our utmost to avoid any errors, omissions, misrepresentations, and inaccuracies in the content we provide to you. However, once handed over, responsibility for published material lies with the client.

Gecko Create cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage of any kind that is a result of publishing material produced by us. In a nutshell, we write what you ask us to write, translate what you ask us to translate. If we find any inaccuracies in the information you have given us, we will correct those inaccuracies and inform you of them.

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